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14 April 2009 @ 12:40 pm
Seriously need to stop procrastinating when I have an exam like *tomorrow*...

Anyways, I have been quite productive today, finished revamping 2 sites. Color Harbor has been updated with a brand-spanking-new layout featuring Risa Koizumi & Atsushi Otani - created in part for the It's Fantastic! Anime/Manga Layout Marathon. In addition, the site contents has also been completely revamped to accompany the new layout. I must say I am pretty satisfied with the design overall, it's simple and neat, perfect for my messy writing :P

On the other hand, Fated (previously known as Sweet Temper) has also been revamped with a much organized and colorful layout. I will be adding in the shrine sections shortly - after exams, so please bare with the emptiness for now.

That's all for the updates! I'll probably update again after another 2 weeks. Stay tuned for more additions!
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