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24 April 2009 @ 02:54 pm
Content and layout has been revamped and replaced over at Pastel Heavens Studio, it took me only 2 days 'cause I barely have any content and the layout was quite simple to code.

Overall, I am pretty happy I finally changed the layout and updated the network title; this way visitors won't get confused anymore and I don't have to feel embarrassed displaying an outdated site :P The layout features the Team 7 trio from Naruto, why? Because Naruto is awesome! The series as well as the character himself ♥♥

I planned a couple new projects too, hopefully I will get around to finish them after my finals are over (April 28th!) and during the time when I'm in Asia.

In addition, the escape section has also been updated to reflect the new link exchanges. Of course, if you'd like to exchange links with me, it would be quite lovely! Drop me a line, k? ;)
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